The food business sector is far-reaching and complex. Directly affected by socio-economic tendencies and demographic changes, this sector is confronted with innumerable challenges that require innovative solutions. Consulting in this area involves diagnosis, counseling, and guidance to help find solutions for existing problems through administrative techniques and practices.


Quality research and study is the way to unveil relevant, reliable information. Through informed enquiry, the LOCAL team connects with scientific studies to produce knowledge that can be applied beyond the research context. Market studies and analyses are fundamental to strategic planning, for both the public and private sectors to take full advantage of work being developed.

Project Development

Factors with the potential for making commercial enterprises and endeavors distinctive and competitive include being connected to regional reality, prizing authenticity, giving value to the culture of a people, and respecting the habits and values of a community. Networking and having a multidisciplinary staff allow for access to a more systematic vision and wider knowledge.

Organization Diagnosis

In western countries, working arrangements and conditions, as well as the levels of demands made on workers, have undergone profound changes during the last decades. Varied levels of flexibility, a faster work pace and the important role of social skills are but a few current work requirements, accompanied by rising levels of stress in the workplace and missed workdays.

By conducting a diagnosis of an organization, it is possible to obtain data that can be measured, detect risks in a timely manner, and define interventive measures and preventive strategies to be adopted. Taken together, these steps make it possible to manage the ill effects previously mentioned.