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The LOCAL – FOOD CULTURE® project is based on the study of the food culture of the Azores Islands and the implementation of varied initiatives to promote Azorean food culture, stimulate cultural awareness, and contribute to the development of the local communities of the Azores Islands. LOCAL has a multidisciplinary staff linked to a collaborative network whose mission is to collect and disseminate information.


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Gastronomy, which is an expression of the cultural identity of a people, encompasses a set of specific skills and practices that stem from traditional experience.  Over time, food know-how, rituals, moral codes, and customs meld into cultural heritage.

Regional food culture is part of the identity and evolution of Azorean society. An inclusive and educational experience, as well as a means of sharing and communicating, food culture is also an essential touristic and cultural attraction that needs to be preserved and passed on.   

The LOCAL – FOOD CULTURE® project springs from our resolve to take Azorean regional food culture seriously. Working with our partners, we encourage knowledge sharing and cooperation in order to stimulate sustainable economic, social, and cultural development. We work with the community, for the community.

Dynamic in nature, LOCAL – FOOD CULTURE® activities and studies are based on scientific knowledge and rigorous research. We promote food culture through recreational and educational training programs, as well as social and commercial events.

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The activities of the LOCAL – FOOD CULTURE® project encompass the following areas

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