I Mostra- Heritage protection Program

On the 6th of July, in São Miguel island, the Parish Hall of Fenais da Luz was the stage for the 1st Heritage Safeguard Program Exhibition, within the scope of the Fenais to Fenais Project. In collaboration with the various entities involved and with the valuable participation of the local community, some of the local traditional recipes were made. Homemade bread, bolo lêvedo, torresmos paste, traditional meat bread, stewed beans and fish stew, were some of the specialties made by a group of locals who, with great pride, presented a selection of the best that the village has: its cultural, gastronomic and human richness.

For this exhibition, several members of the community were invited to taste the food, remembering with emotion the flavors of other times. With this initiative, it is intended to promote the signaling and safeguarding of Traditional Azorean Gastronomy and its recreation and innovation, considering the complementarity and potential of its resources, as cultural assets for local development, in favor of a service provided to the community.