A meal is an event in itself! But food is also a pretext for many other events, as well as a wager on product differentiation. Exhibitions, festivals, celebrations can contribute to food experiences and help market touristic products, bringing countless benefits both before and after the trip itself.

Food events are classified as competitive magnets, very often used to make a cultural agenda cohesive and attractive, highlighting the cultural, educational, social, political, and commercial objectives of leisure and tourism. They play an extremely important role in territorial marketing strategies on either a national or a regional level.

Thematic Events

Institutional Events

Corporative Dynamics

Team-building activities

Creating Events

Events act as links within social networks, connecting persons, places, resources and knowledge. The LOCAL – FOOD CULTURE® project combines skills and partnerships that allow for the organization of activities revolving around food culture. LOCAL develops content material and provides connections between the local community, businesses and other entities, establishing the necessary conditions for the creation of the most varied kinds of events.

Team-building Activities

The development of motivational techniques to reinforce the quality and productivity of work is considered necessary by organizations, as they increasingly look to team-building activities to improve communication, group cohesion, cooperation and individual performance in the workplace.

These activities help workers to feel more motivated while having fun in groups and corporate organizations.

Team-building programs in a kitchen environment are custom-made according to the needs of the group in ways meant to provide a unique, interactive experience that is also entertaining.