Delivery of the “Estudo de Natureza Alimentar e Nutricional – Cabaz Alimentar Mar e Terra”

On January 21st, The LOCAL – FOOD CULTURE® project delivered the “Estudo de Natureza Alimentar e Nutricional – Cabaz Alimentar Mar e Terra” (nutricional study) to its partners Vidaçor, Kairós and Carlos Machado Museum. The study, resulting from months of research, aims to highlight, to final consumers and the local community, the benefits of consuming undervalued fish from the north coast of the island of São Miguel (Fenais da Ajuda, Maia, Rabo de Peixe and Fenais da Luz).

Some species of low commercial value were identified, such as conger, chicharro (blue jack mackerel), chub mackerel, and ray, which, due to their nutritional composition, can be the basis for extremely nutritious meals, capable of feeding a family in a healthy and economical way. They are rich in omega-3, vitamins and minerals, substances that are important for the proper functioning of our body.

It was also concluded that in these regions a significant amount and variety of fruit and vegetables are produced, including saffron (Carthamus tinctorius), potato, sweet potato, and yam which, together with fish, have the potential to compose high quality recipes.

The Local Food Culture team highlights, throughout the study, the importance of consuming fresh, less processed, seasonal, and local products, as they have superior nutritional and organoleptic characteristics and contribute to the economic and social development of rural locations.

Knowledge of the origin of the fish and respect for the closed season and minimum catch sizes also allow for a more conscious purchase decision, in essential care regarding the sustainability of the sector and the continuity of the species.