The Community Kitchens movement

The Community Kitchens “movement” was born from the desire of some local entities to preserve and promote the cultural valorization of the territory and its people.

The Local Food Culture project joined its partners, Vidaçor and Kairós, in this movement that aims to use gastronomy as a tool for economic development, encouraging local production and consumption, through traditional recipes and knowledge of the population.

In association with the Tremor Festival, the first initiative of this movement emerged, Receitas do Baú, in Rabo de Peixe, which gave visitors participating in the festival the opportunity to eat together with the local community and get to know the unique habits and traditions of this place, which has both fishing and agriculture.

Two experiences were offered:

Receitas do Baú - Na Nossa Mesa (At Our Table): a genuine gastronomic experience, where participants had the opportunity to be welcomed by some families in the community, in their own homes, enjoying a homemade meal, in an almost family relationship.

Receitas do Baú – Cozinha Comunitária (Communitty Kitchen): the Casa do Espírito Santo lounge was the stage for a differentiating gastronomic experience. The kitchen was in charge of a group of women from the community, who showed their gastronomic wealth, feeding the festival participants with a traditional menu, which told a little of the history of this fishing village.

All the menus were prepared based on traditional recipes, recovering the stories of the families, based on the know-how passed down from generation to generation, proudly prepared with love and the desire to show the value of its people. All ingredients were acquired locally, in family businesses and from local producers, thus contributing to a dynamic of economic, social, and cultural sustainability.

The festival took place between the 5th and 9th of April.

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