Meeting with the community: Rabo de Peixe

The Local Food Culture team and its partners, Kairós and Vidaçor, met on April 21st with the working group responsible for preparing the menus of the Community Kitchen to present and discuss the results of the initiative Receitas do Baú.

In collaboration with the organization of TREMOR, the community of Rabo de Peixe welcomed the participants of the festival, sharing their culture and gastronomy through a dinner held at Casa do Espírito Santo. On this day, a group of 6 women cooked traditional dishes, made with local products, all purchased from local commerce and local producers, in a dynamic way to promote and boost the region's economy.

Based on the common ideals of collaborative work and trust, the results are now shared, the income distributed to the community that worked on this event, and the mission is refined to ensure the satisfaction of all involved and the continuity of this community project.