Mushroom House: Low Tech Mushroom Production in Used Coffee Grounds

Dave Mertens, an Erasmus Student from Belgium studying Social Services at the University of the Azores, incubated the project EKO – Ecology & Economy at Kairós Cooperative in order to channel used coffee capsules, plastic bottles and coffee grounds in local homes and restaurants to eco-sustainable mushroom production. Ultimately, EKO hopes to take society from an anthropocentric to a socio-biocentric worldview, thereby guiding persons to live in harmony with others and with nature.

To present results and savor bits of food findings, Kairós Cooperative, LOCAL – FOOD CULTURE® and the Food blogger Gualter Rainha, from Cozinha de Sentidos, organized a conference that brought together the media and entities working in related fields. This event was held at Bio Kairós on December 23.

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