Webinar Day 4: The Image of Azorean Cuisine

The fourth day of the webinar took a close look at “The Image of Azorean Cuisine” with António Cavaco, professor and head of the Gastronomy Brotherhood of the Azores; Carolina Ferreira, manager of the Mercearia dos Açores grocery stores; and Adriana Fournier, events director of the Chefs Agency. Through their work promoting Azorean products, the three have become true representatives of the Azores and experts on how our cuisine is seen “beyond the islands.” Together they revealed little-known facts, defended their personal perspectives and, above all, critiqued the strategies that have failed to uphold the image of Azorean cuisine. As the moderator, Vasco Pernes, the well-known local television personality, conducted the webinar with true talent and taste.   

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